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Embracing Motherhood

Truths and Tips for Embracing Motherhood:  Treasuring Jesus, your husband, your baby, and others.

What is this class about?:  No course or book can ever be exhaustive, but our hope is that this 4 week class will provide timely encouragement and useful information that may not be available elsewhere.  Each session includes 45 minutes of teaching time and 45 minutes for question and answer.   During each session, Lisa Donovan will highlight unique challenges and unique grace for mommies of little ones as well as provide developmental information (ages birth-2) and lots of resources for you to savor on your own. The question and answer portion of each class will include guest moms in addition to Lisa.   There will be no assignments.  Whether you're a first time mom or are an experienced mom who is pregnant, you're welcome to take this class.  

Spring 2024: Fridays from 1-3pm over Zoom on March 1, 8, 15 and 22nd

Led by: Lisa Donovan

Prior to marriage, Lisa was an early intervention special educator working with birth to 3-year-old children and their families. She has a B.S. in early childhood special education and an M.Ed. in Education with a focus on infancy.  When she became a mom, she loved being able to see God’s handiwork in her own children. She learned many lessons as a mom that her training could never have prepared her for. But, her training helped her appreciate and be amazed by God’s design and creativity in development. If there’s one thing she would love to share with other moms, it would be that God has been faithful to her in every season of motherhood and she knows he will be faithful to you.