The Word | Sunday Class | 9:15AM

Every Sunday until May 29, 2016

9:15am – 10:15am

Category: Sunday Classes

We are very excited to announce that at 9:15 on Sunday morning we will begin our next Sunday Class. Our Sunday classes are designed to broaden and deepen our knowledge of God's Word and particular topics that help us to grow as disciples.

This next class promises to serve all who come in a most important area: our knowledge and love of the bible and in particular the letters of Paul. The class is titled, THE WORD: How to Read and Treasure the Letters of Paul. God has spoken to us and disclosed himself to us through the Scriptures. As his children, we have an amazing opportunity to get to know God personally through these letters.

Join us over the next 5 weeks, at 9:15am in the 1st-5th grade classroom.