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Choose Wisely | October Sunday Class

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Every Sunday until October 27, 2019

9:15am – 10:15am

Location: 450 N Whittington Pkwy, Louisville, KY 40222

Category: Sunday Classes

There is a big decision coming your way. Maybe more than one. If you are in college or in your 20s, most of the major life decisions you will make will happen in the next five to ten years. For others, major decisions come less frequently, but there is still a lot at stake. And what about small, daily decisions that don’t necessarily set the direction of our lives but taken together, form the kind of life we live? Wise decision-making is an art and a learned skill. God guides us in a variety of ways and for all the decisions that face us—big or small—it will serve us if we know how to make a decision before decision-time actually comes. In this class, we are going to consider how God leads and what it means to discern his will. We’ll talk about a method for decision-making and how to navigate those tricky gray areas. We hope you’ll join us Sundays in October at 9:15!