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October Sunday Classes

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Every Sunday until October 28, 2018

9:15am – 10:15am

Location: 700 S English Station Rd, Louisville, KY 40245

Category: Sunday Classes

Join us for our October Sunday Classes! For this month, you can choose one of two tracks:

BEHOLD OUR GOD: Extolling the Nature and Attributes of God

Beneath the surface of all true Christian contentment lies sound convictions and deeply rooted beliefs about the nature and character of God. Conversely, weak faith often stems from improper or diminished thoughts of God and what He is like. And in either case, what we truly believe about God has a far great shaping effect on our lives than we generally realize.

With this in mind, the upcoming Sunday Class Behold our God: Extolling the Nature and Attributes of God is designed to add fuel to your faith through an exploration of what Scripture teaches about God's nature, character, and attributes. Deep thinking about God leads to invaluable returns in day to day life - so please join us for Part 1 of this class each Sunday throughout the month of October. We hope to see you there!


COUNSEL THE WORD: Pursing Joy & Skill in Personal Ministry

How do you care for others experiencing anxiety, fear, unbelief, hardship or discouragement?  

The life-giving, life-transforming gospel promises of Scripture, offered by a friend’s wise and skillful application, can bring deep hope and lasting change in the midst of life’s struggles.  

Do you desire to be such a friend? Do you feel inadequate to be such a friend?

If you answer yes to either or both of those questions, this class is for you. Come and attend Counsel the Word: Pursuing Joy and Skill in Personal Ministry. This class is aimed to equip you to be a personal instrument of hope and change in the lives of others.