Sexuality | March Sunday Class | 9:15AM

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Every Sunday until March 25, 2018

9:15am – 10:15am

Location: 700 S English Station Rd, Louisville, KY 40245

Category: Sunday Classes

There is likely no subject where our culture is more mired by confusion than the subject of sexuality. There is no area where our culture is more hostile towards God’s design.  As Christians, we are not immune from the confusion that characterizes our culture.  And often times we don’t know how to think about and care for those in the throes of confusion over their sexuality.

So we want to take 4 weeks in this Sunday Class to think biblically about the topic of Sexuality.  In this class we are going to study the beauty and wisdom of God’s design and we are going to wrestle with the difficult and often confusing issues of same-sex attraction, homosexuality, and transgenderism. We want to prize the wisdom and beauty of God’s design.  And we want to minister the hope of the gospel with clarity and compassion to those living with questions and confusion surrounding the topic of sexuality.  

So join us! This class will be taught by Brian, Tyson, and a guest speaker, Jeremy Pierre from SBTS. The class begins next Sunday at 9:15 in the cafeteria.