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Year Two of Our Building Fund

Year Two of Our Building Fund

Last Sunday, October 25, we officially launched the second year of our Building Fund. It was a day where we could recount God’s goodness, and take another step of faith-filled obedience, trusting God’s ability to provide for our church, as we share in this grace of sacrificial giving towards a building that we can call home.

Last fall, after months of prayer and planning and benefiting from the counsel of our deacons, we launched our first ever Building Fund. And, last fall, you gave. And throughout the year, you gave, sacrificially. 

  • After starting with just over $200K in our building fund, we now have, through your generosity and the generosity of others who know and love our church, $714,000.
  • This is $714,000, at the start of Year 2, ready to be directed towards the acquisition of land and a building.
  • This goal is not theoretical. We recently received emails about potential locations, which we are exploring.
  • Please pray for our building committee, especially Ejo Edmonds as he runs point on our search, and Mark Donovan as he tracks our finances, completes paperwork, and keeps us poised for opportunities. 
  • We can explore options because these members work so skillfully for us and because you have given.

And thank you for the joy with which you have given. We have so many testimonies of generosity, and so many testimonies of lives changed through your generosity. Recently we received this encouraging testimony from a couple who asked to remain anonymous.

As my husband and I have pressed into giving we have been amazed by the ways God has led us. We have marveled at the times we have sought God separately for a specific number to give only to come together and laugh as our numbers have been the exact same! It’s built our faith and brought us fresh amazement at God’s kind and specific leadership. Another sweet dimension we’ve experienced over the last year is giving alongside our children. As we’ve sought to position them to pay attention to the pastors as they have led us in what God’s word says about giving, our children have begun to develop their own convictions. We will never forget the Sunday morning last year as we sat beside our children each holding their own pledge envelope and passing the basket as a family- watching them give with cheerfulness and receive the joy God always gives the giver. Our family is excited for another opportunity to join our church family in giving generously that we may together take hold of that which is truly life!

Our original 2 year goal was to reach 800K for October 2021. Given the astounding numbers after 1 year, the deacons appealed that we increase that goal to $1M for October 2021.

So today we have the joy of directing our hearts and our resources towards the goal of raising the remaining $286K. Thanks for praying. Thanks for planning.

Our goal is not merely a number. In the Lord’s perfect timing and infinite wisdom, he is going to provide a church building—a home for us and those he is bringing our way: a facility where we can enjoy gospel ministry, not just on Sunday mornings, but throughout the week—enjoying a stable and focused location, from which we can preach Christ, a base from which we play our part to reach Louisville. 

Thank you for praying and preparing your hearts and budgets to give.  Thanks for your partnership in the gospel.


How To Give:

ELEXIO APP (the easiest way to give)

    • Open your Elexio Community App
    • Select the Give option
    • Enter the Amount & Giving Method
    • Select Building Fund
    • Choose Frequency (one time or recurring)
    • Click Next
    • Confirm Contribution


  • Drop a check in the offering box with Building Fund in the memo
  • Put cash in an envelope labeled Building Fund in the offering box
  • To create a recurring gift pledge via check, please contact the church office

QUESTIONS?  Contact the church office:

10509 Timberwood Circle, Ste 200, Louisville, KY 40223