Leadership Development Fund

SGCL welcomes contributions to the Leadership Development Fund!

To make a donation, click here and choose the Leadership Development Fund designation. 

**Members of Elexio may login and create a recurring gift through the Elexio Community App**

Donors are free to suggest beneficiaries of their contributions to the fund by contacting Kristin Chesemore (kchesemore@sgclouisville.org) after they have made their online donation. However, such suggestions shall be deemed advisory rather than mandatory in nature. The administration of the fund, including all disbursements, is subject to the exclusive control and discretion of the church board. The church board may consider suggested designations, but in no event is it bound in any way to honor them. As a result, donors will not be entitled to a return of their designated contributions on the ground that the church failed to honor their designations. Donors wishing to make contributions to the leadership development fund subject to these conditions may be able to deduct their contributions if they itemize their deductions on their federal income tax return.