Virtual Sunday Class | Commissioned Session 2

Commissioned featured

As we adjust to life in the new normal under coronavirus restrictions, we’re all cataloging the temporarily suspended activities we can’t wait to return to. At the top of my list is our Sunday gathering and a big part of that is the opportunity to learn from our Sunday classes. When our Sunday gatherings were suspended, we had only just begun a Sunday class series entitled “Commissioned: The Joyful Task of Taking the Gospel to Your World.” The unprecedented moment we find ourselves in might be one of the best evangelistic moments we’ve ever seen, so we’ve asked the teachers of the remaining classes to give special consideration to how we can faithfully preach the gospel while in the midst of social distancing and quarantines. And we’ve ask them to teach each session… in their homes! We’re posting the video and audio to serve you as we all adjust to the temporary new normal. We hope you’ll make time to watch these classes and stir up fresh faith and anticipation for how to seize evangelistic opportunities that are before us!

So join us as we continue our Sunday Class on the topic of evangelism! The outline for this class can be found here. You can find outlines and audio recordings from all of our past Sunday Classes here.