Update from Australia

CJ asked if I could give a report of the time Julie and I spent in Australia.

God gave us what seemed to be a fruitful time while we were down under. After a day of adjusting to the 14 hour time zone difference, we spent two days with the Sovereign Grace Church in Sydney, led by Dave Taylor, on their annual church retreat. I taught three times on topics related to worship, and led the singing a couple times. It was a joy to be able to spend extended time with the church and see the same fervency for the gospel, God’s word, meaningful relationships, and Spirit-empowered ministry that we experience here in Louisville.

For the next four days, Monday through Thursday, I took part in Oxygen14, a multi-denominataional conference attended by over 2000 leaders. The conference is geared towards strengthening the preaching of the gospel and God’s word in evangelical churches in Australia and beyond. I led a three day music and worship track, and also helped to lead the singing. It was a great opportunity for myself and Dave Taylor to strengthen and begin relationships with other leaders whoa re passionate about the gospel.

Saturday morning I met with the leadership team men while Julie met with the wives. It was a sweet time. Saturday night I led an event called The Gathering, with musicians from Sovereign Grace Church. We had over 70 guests, including a young Hispanic man who travelled over three hours to be there. His church is singing Sovereign Grace songs back in Mexico City.

On Sunday I spoke at the three meetings of St. Paul’s Castle Hill on The Fight for Joy, from Psalm 42-43, and had lunch with their staff and creative team. I was warmly welcomed and had a number of encouraging conversations.

I never tire of expressing my gratefulness for the part you play in these trips through your prayers, support, and encouragement. I felt the effect of your prayers numerous times as God gave me strength for various tasks.

As I said before I left for Australia, I was looking forward to the trip, but mostly looking forward to being home again. And that is exactly the case! Can’t wait to be with you again this coming Sunday!