Thursday Thoughts for Parents: "The Soundless Word and the Saving Word"

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This post is based on C.J. Mahaney's sermon, The Soundless Word and the Saving Word, given on July 8, 2018.


This past Sunday, Pastor CJ taught us from Psalm 19 about the revelation and celebration available to us in both God’s creation and in His written Word. Life can be busy. We live distracted not even pausing to lift our eyes up for a moment to behold the overwhelming magnificence and beauty of the heavens. If we stopped to look around, all of creation would reveal the greater glory of God as Creator.

Pastor CJ was keen to remind us that only in God’s written Word is the good news of the gospel revealed. From this vantage point of seeing God in Scripture, the Holy Spirit shows us our dependence on Him for life and for freedom from our many hidden sins. And we receive this freedom through His Son, our Great Redeemer, Jesus Christ.


Read Psalm 19 together as a family and answer these questions:

  • Pastor CJ asked a question like this on Sunday, “How does our family pause to observe and appreciate God’s glory revealed in His creation?”
  •  In verses 7 and 11, David speaks of the value of God’s Word and all that it does for believers. What are some of the benefits David speaks of in these verses?
  • In what ways do you think that we as individuals and as a family cherish the reading of God’s Word more as David does in verses 10 and 11?
  • Thinking through verses 12-14, in what ways does our reading and cherishing of God’s revelation in His written Word help fix our eyes on the gospel every day and help us recognize our dependence on Jesus as our rock and our Redeemer?


[Post by Carl Hirst]