Thursday Thoughts for Parents | "Zechariah's Song"

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This post is based on C.J. Mahaney's sermon, Zechariah's Song, given on December 10, 2017.


When I was growing up, I was deathly afraid of the dark. Unrecognizable noises made by the wind outside my bedroom window or a pile of unfolded clothes tossed haphazardly in the corner would make my head dizzy with fright. Even though I knew that my mom and dad were only a few rooms away and that I had nothing to be afraid of, the silence and solitude of my bedroom in the midnight hours made me grateful when my parents would turn on a small night light and comfort me with gentle words. While the light added security for me, it was their words that reassured me the most. Assuring words of promise that they would see me in the morning when it was light and we would be together for a brand new day.

This past Sunday, Pastor CJ shared with us in Luke’s gospel the song of Zechariah which Zachariah sang at the birth of his son, John. This child would grow up to prepare the way for the Messiah and one day baptize the Lord Jesus. While the people of Israel had no need to be afraid of the dark as I was as a child, they did have a real danger to be afraid of…their own sin, and death, and Enemy…Satan. Their desire to be free from Rome was not as great as their need to be free from the slavery of sin.

Yet, the good news of Christmas, Pastor CJ reminded us, is that God has been tenderly merciful to us, just as He promised, by sending His Son to save us from our sins. Our greatest need is for His mercy and that is the good news that not only comforts us when all seems dark but gives “light to those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death.”


As a family, read Luke 1:5-25; 67-79


  • In verse 20 we read that the angel Gabriel silenced Zechariah because of Zechariah’s unbelief in the happy news that God was giving them a son. How does Zechariah respond to this news in verse 68 at the birth of his son? 
  •  In verse 76-77, what does Zechariah say to his son in joy and blessing?
  •  In verse 78, Zechariah, filled with the Holy Spirit, tells his son, John, why he has been chosen by God to be the Messiah’s prophet. What is this reason and why does this good news matter to us?
  •  Take time to thank the Lord for his tender mercies shown to your family in light of God visiting us with His Beloved Son.


[Post written by Carl Hirst]