Thursday Thoughts for Parents: "Truly God Is Good"

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This post is based on Brian Chesemore's sermon, Truly God Is Good, given on June 17, 2018.


We had a great opportunity on Sunday to hear Pastor Brian teach us from Psalm 73 about an all-too-common temptation we face – the temptation to be jealous of the world.  We saw on Sunday Asaph’s struggle with looking at all the apparent fun and easiness of life from the world (everyone who doesn’t believe in and follow God) and feeling envy that they have a comfortable life and he’s had so many struggles in his life.  Pastor Brian showed us that those kind of thoughts can be dangerous and are ultimately short-sighted.  When we really think about all that God has done for us in sending his Son, Jesus, to die for us and what he will continue to do for us as his children we can be confident that God is all we need!



As a family, read Psalm 73


  • In v. 3, what were the reasons Asaph gave for why he almost stumbled and slipped?
  • Discuss some of the descriptions of the wicked described in vv. 4-12.  Furthermore, how do they talk about God himself (vv. 9 and 11)?
  • What kind of self-control does Asaph show in v. 15?
  • What are the three things God is described as doing for Asaph (and for us too!) in verses 23-24?
  • In v. 26 it says that God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.  Discuss what that means.
  • Thank God now as a family that God holds us, guides us, and receives us.


[Post by Chad Hester]