Thursday Thoughts for Parents: "Salvation Belongs to the Lord"

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This post is based on C.J. Mahaney's sermon, Salvation Belongs to the Lord, given on June 24, 2018.


What is your favorite song? What words would you use to describe that song? Well, would it surprise you that of the songs in the book of Psalms, about 1/3rd of them are songs of “lament”? The ESV study bible states that the primary goal of these psalms are to “lay a troubled situation before the Lord, asking him for help”. Today, this is right where we find David, fleeing from his son for his very life! Psalms 3 gives us a front row seat to observe how David lays his painful and perplexing situation before his Lord and see where he finds hope as he contemplates the character of God.  



Read Psalm 3 together as a family



In verse 3, David describes God as a “shield about him”.

  • When have you needed the reminder that God is your shield?
  • What are some other words or word pictures used to describe our God in the Bible (i.e. 2 Sam 2:22 fortress, rock, deliver; Psalm 54:4 helper; Duet 32:11 eagle…)?

In verse 5 we see that David saw God‘s kindness and generosity, not in a changed circumstance, but in something as simple as a good night’s sleep.

  • Where do we see God’s kind, generous and sustaining hand of God in our lives and in the lives of those in our church family?

David closes the psalm boldly proclaiming that “salvation belongs to the Lord” (3:8). We see this salvation most clearly in Jesus. 

  • What ways have we seen how Jesus’ life, death and resurrection has brought “salvation” and “blessing” (3:8) to his people in our church and specifically to our home?


Close by reading Romans 8:31-32 and thanking God in prayer together that salvation belongs to our God (Psalm 3:8)! If you know of anyone in a painful and perplexing circumstance, take some time to pray together for them; that God’s character would comfort them (3:4) and that God would meet them with his kind and generous hand in something as simple as a good nights sleep (3:5).


[Post by Jason Briggs]