Thursday Thoughts for Parents | "A Timely Reminder"

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This post is based on CJ Mahaney's sermon, A Timely Remidner, given on March 25, 2018.


What type of reminders do your parents often give you about how to behave?  Whenever my wife takes my children to the library she always reminds them of two things; she does this by asking them the question: “Ok guys, what are the 2 W’s?”  Our kids respond in chorus, “Walk, and Whisper”.  Those two family guidelines for the library serve as simple reminders of library-appropriate behavior.  In the sermon this week, CJ reminded us that Christians never outgrow our need for reminders.  Specifically, in Titus 3.1-2, Paul is reminding Titus of the family guidelines for how the family of God should behave when in relating to non-Christians.  As a saved people, they were called to live lives that demanded gospel explanations!  So, let’s read these verses closely together and look at how God calls us and reminds us to live and act towards others!

Read: As a family, read Titus 3.1-2.

Discussion: Which of the reminders in these verses are you in need of today?

  • WORKS – For sake of the gospel, we are to be ready for “every good work” (3:1).Who has God put in our life who needs Jesus (neighbors, friends at school, teammates) and how might we love and serve them together?
  • WORDS – For the sake of the gospel, we are reminded to use our words to build up instead of tearing down (3:2).How might you use your words this week to build others up? 
  • GOSPEL – God’s people are not just a nice people; first and foremost, they are a saved people. Let’s take some time reminding each other all the ways Jesus has loved and served us (this is the foundation for our service of others). 

Pray:  First take some time in prayer THANKING God for the way Jesus has loved and served us.  Then, take some time praying specifically for opportunities to love and serve those who God has placed around us for the sake of the gospel.


[Post by Jason Briggs]