Thursday Thoughts for Parents: "One Thing Is Necessary"

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This post is based on Josh Payne's sermon, One Thing Is Necessary, given on March 18, 2018.


Have you ever been so excited about a job your parents have asked you to do or a project at school and then slowly lost your joy and began disliking what you were doing?  When I was 8-years-old and my dad was throwing a top-secret surprise birthday party for my mom – I got asked to help with all sorts of stuff. In the middle of all the super-secret tasks I began to get tired of the mission.  I really didn't want to help anymore.  What started as so exciting suddenly made me upset. If that’s happened to you, you're not alone – that happened to someone named Martha in the Bible!  She had Jesus himself come to her house and was so happy to have him there but then grew tired and even mad that she was the only one serving.


Jesus taught Martha on that day (and wants to teach you and me today) that the way we keep our excitement in serving is by returning to the most important and necessary thing – God's Word!  Martha's heart became so frustrated because she neglected returning to Jesus's teaching.  God cares about our hearts and not just our actions and our hearts are happy and our actions are empowered when we continue to come to Jesus Himself!

Read Luke 10:38-42


  • What was Martha's issue?
  • What was the "one necessary thing" that Mary chose?
  • Why does God care so much about our hearts and not just our actions?
  • Why is God's Word so important for the Christian life?
  • Pray that God would teach you to love and cherish the Bible and thank Him for caring for your heart's joy and not just all your actions and deeds.


[Post by Chad Hester]