Thursday Thoughts for Parents: "The Difference Doctrine Makes"

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This post is based on C.J. Mahaney's sermon, The Difference Doctrine Makes, given on Feburary 11, 2018.


This past Sunday Pastor CJ shared a wonderful story of a woman named Della. Della delighted in serving her customers with excellence and with a joyful spirit at the hospital cafeteria where CJ was waiting for a friend. Through Della’s kindness and desire to serve others, she displayed the genuine and transformative change that the gospel had made in her heart. This change effected even the actions of her daily life while working at the hospital. Why was she so joyful? CJ explained to us that this observable change or transformation happens when sound doctrine is taught, in accord with the gospel, and is applied to our own hearts and lives. The result of this visible display of sound doctrine in our lives makes the gospel shine with increasing beauty to everyone around us, and is meant to give them hope that Jesus Christ can transform their lives as well.



As a family, read Titus 2:1-2


  • In verse 2 of our text from Sunday, the Apostle Paul gives attention to age and gender lines, beginning with “older men” by highlighting characteristics of how they should live in light of applying sound doctrine. What are some of those characteristics? 
  • As a young man or young lady in your home, what is the relevance of reading about the way the “older men” in this verse are to apply sound doctrine to their lives?
  • How can our family display lives that love and adorn, or make more attractive, the gospel for others to perceive?


  • Thank the Lord for giving us faithful Pastors who gently lead their families in godliness for us to follow.


[Post by Tyson Ziegler]