Thursday Thoughts for Parents | Here I am, Send Someone Else

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This post is based on CJ Mahaney's sermon, Here I am, Send Someone Else , given on October 14, 2018.

 Have you ever been asked to do something that you really didn’t want to do? Well, that is exactly what we saw in the life of Moses this past Sunday as Pastor CJ opened up God’s Word to us from Exodus 4. God shared with Moses His plan to redeem the Hebrew people, who were enslaved by Egypt, the world’s superpower at that time, using Moses as His instrument to get it done. With multiple reservations and objections, Moses sought to evade and outright refuse the calling of God on his life. This final declaration of refusal to accept God’s divine support to rescue Moses’ kindred Hebrews kindled the LORD’s anger toward him. And yet, while Moses was disobediently refusing God’s gracious invitation and call, God continued to demonstrate His divine kindness and patience toward Moses. Though Moses played a unique role in God’s redemptive plan for His people, Israel, One greater than Moses was coming.  Jesus would not argue with the LORD but would obediently heed the call of His Father to redeem the enslaved people of God from every tribe, nation, and tongue.

  As a family, read Exodus 4:10-17


  • Moses tried to decline God’s call on his life because he didn’t think he could speak well. Are there times when you feel that what is being required of you is beyond your ability?
  • Where did CJ encourage us to put our confidence? How might you respond to a feeling of inadequacy next time knowing that the grace of God is not only with you but He is all you need?
  • In our Text this past Sunday we saw Moses declining God’s call on His life instead of responding in faith and obedience. When considering the season you are in, where might you be offering up your objections to the call of God on your life?
  • In what ways do you think that we as a family can grow together in marveling at God’s patience and attributes of His character? How would this change our response to God’s call?


  • Thank the Lord for His divine kindness and patience shown to us by way of His Son, Jesus. Through Him we have received every good thing and have been redeemed and adopted by grace through faith into the family of God’s freed, chosen people.



[Post by Carl Hirst]