Thursday Thoughts for Parents: "A Word to Young Men"

At our old house we had a number of large trees that hadn’t been taken care of and had become over-ridden with vines.  At first, I didn’t think too much of it.  The vines had green leaves, so they kind of blended in.  But as time went on, I took a close look at the trees.  The vines were starting to weigh the tree down, and it became clear that they would kill the tree eventually.  In order to save the tree, I had to cut the vines off at the bottom of the tree where they started.  After I did that, the vines died and dried out so they were easier to remove.

Pastor CJ once again preached from Titus 2 on self-control, and he spent time specifically targeting bad habits.  Bad habits in our lives are a little like those vines.  They start out small and almost unnoticeable, but over time they grow.  The more time they have to grow, the stronger they get.  They even start to blend in more with our lives so they’re harder to identify.  Paraphrasing the quote from John Piper, it’s our job to consider our lives and root out bad habits in order to break them.  And we can do this because Christ gives us the power to do so! As a family, take some time to talk about this, and consider the questions below:

Read Titus 2:6-8

  1. What are some bad habits that you’ve seen in your own lives, in the life of your family?  Don’t ignore small bad habits either.  Bad habits, like vines, start out very small and are much easier to break.
  2. Spend some time looking at different scriptures that you can meditate on as you strive to break bad habits. What makes bad habits really all that bad in the first place? What makes good habits good?
  3. What are some good habits that you’ve been meaning to institute?  Take this opportunity to start replacing some bad habits with a good ones!  Some ideas:  family worship, praying together before bed, intentional dinner table discussions (maybe about last week’s sermon), regular date nights, parent/kid date nights.