Thursday Thoughts for Parents | He Faithful Will Remain

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This post is based on Tyson Ziegler's sermon, He Faithful Will Remain, given on November 18, 2018.


This week we heard from Pastor Tyson on how to continue to have real hope in the middle of real uncertainty and fear.  In our passage, Habakkuk was wrestling with how to reconcile God’s presence and love for His people when everything was not going the way it was supposed to and was about to get worse.  God wanted to be sure His people knew then and that we know now that there is nothing that is outside of His plans and that even if things appear to be falling apart He’s promised to never leave us and that He will ultimately triumph over all things!

As a family, read Habakkuk 2


  • When was the last time you felt overwhelmed? Describe what made you feel that way.
  • What did Pastor Tyson say was our fuel for enduring faith? (God’s ultimate triumph)
  • What are we supposed to learn about all of the woes spoken to the Chaldeans at the end of the chapter? (those who oppose God will be judged)
  • How can this passage strengthen your faith when life is overwhelming and not going according to plan?


God, thank you that your victory over all sin and evil is guaranteed and certain.  Please help me to remember that triumph when I’m tempted to doubt your love or fear my situation.


 [Post by Chad Hester]