Thursday Thoughts for Parents | A Strange and Eventful Journey

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This post is based on CJ Mahaney's sermon, A Strange and Eventful Journey, given on October 21, 2018.


Have you ever been afraid of something that other people around you weren’t afraid of?  Maybe it’s jumping off a diving board, or sleeping in the dark, or walking into your basement.  Do you ever feel silly for being afraid of something when others don’t seem to be and your parents tell you everything is okay?  We’ve seen over the last couple of weeks studying Exodus how Moses felt afraid to do what God had asked him to.  This week, Pastor CJ explained how Moses’ fears weren’t based on faith and compared his fears to the reaction of the Israelite leaders who immediately believed and trusted that God was going to do what he promised to.

As a family, read Exodus 4:18-31


  • What did Moses say he was afraid of in Ex. 4:10?
  • What were some of the ways in this passage that God showed mercy on Moses? (Jethro’s blessing to leave; God’s staff; sparing Moses’ life; the elders of Israel’s acceptance of his message)
  • Based on the reaction of the leaders of Israel in 4:31, should Moses have doubted God and been afraid? What are areas that you doubt God and are afraid to obey Him fully?


[Post by Chad Hester]