Thursday Thoughts for Parents | Convincing a Reluctant Leader

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This post is based on Jeff Purswell's sermon, Convincing a Reluctant Leader, given on September 23, 2018.


Most of us will not be called to lead a large group of people as Moses did but all of us are given important responsibilities in our family. If we are not actively trusting in the Lord, we will seek to avoid what God has called us to by making all sorts of excuses, just as Moses did when God called him to lead Israel.

 Pastor CJ encouraged us in Sunday’s sermon to look away from ourselves and to consider the greatness of our all-sufficient God. He called us to fix our eyes on God’s promise to always be with us and to provide all that we need for the work He calls us to. These promises are wonderfully confirmed to us through the Gospel wherein God has personally revealed Himself in Jesus Christ as our savior from sin and the conqueror of death and Satan.


As a family, read Exodus 3:16-4:9


  • What are some of the responsibilities God has given you within your own family?
  • Do you ever struggle to obey God? What does it reveal about our hearts when we struggle to do what God has called us to?
  • Spend some time discussing how CJ’s sermon on Sunday encourages us to obey God even when we’re tempted not to.


  • Spend time recounting and praising God for specific ways He has faithfully provided for and sustained you this past week.


[Post written by Chris Coupland]