Thursday Thoughts for Parents | "The Silence Is Broken"

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This post is based on Jeff Purswell's sermon, The Silence is Broken, given on September 9, 2018.


This past Sunday, Jeff told us how Moses encountered God for the first time. While Moses wasn't looking for God, God was sovereignly guiding him to this moment. God was initiating a relationship with Moses and divinely turning the page to the next chapter of the redemption story of His people. Our God, Pastor Jeff reminded us, is an initiating God. By speaking to Moses from a burning bush which should have been consumed with the fire that was in it, God was demonstrating for Moses that He is a holy God and sovereign over all creation. Finally, God expresses to Moses the reason of His coming. He has not been indifferent and distant from His people’s suffering. He heard, He remembered, He saw, and He knew all they had endured, and He chose to come down to bring them to Himself. God is a compassionate God.  

As a family, read Exodus 3:1-9


  • In what ways have you experienced God initiating a relationship with you?
  • While the ground that Moses was standing on was holy ground because God was there, what significance did the fire of the burning bush have for God’s people? 
  • Has there ever been a time when you have ever felt unheard or unseen? If so, how does the compassion of God shown in this passage encourage you?


  • Thank the Lord for His willingness to initiate a relationship with us by way of His Son, Jesus.


[Post written by Carl Hirst]