Thursday Thoughts for Parents | "Hope Deferred"

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This post is based on C.J. Mahahey's sermon, Hope Deferred, given on May 27, 2018.


Over the past few 2 weeks we’ve been tracing the hidden hand of God in the story of Ruth. This week our story takes a suspenseful turn as Ruth and Naomi execute a plan to get Boaz’s attention and hopefully his proposal.  Let’s read Ruth 3 together, keeping our eyes peeled for both God’s hidden hand at work in the background of this story as it takes a wonderful turn!


As a family, read Ruth 3. 


CJ has continually reminded us that the story of Ruth shows again and again that God had not forgotten Ruth and Naomi. 

  • Where have we seen God’s kind hidden hand at work bringing Boaz and Ruth to this key point of the story?
  • Take some time reflecting as a family on how God’s kind hand was silently working behind the scenes of the love story of the parents in the family. 

Upon waking up and finding Ruth at his feet, Boaz praises Ruth for her character that was known throughout town (3.10-13). 

  • What Godly characteristics in your mother do you think attracted your father?  
  • What Godly characteristics in your father do you think attracted your mother? 
  • Parents, take time recounting what evidences of grace you found attractive in your spouses.

In Ruth 3 we see that God’s marriage is meant to bring “rest” (3.1), security, protection, and provision (“spread your wings…” 3.9). 

  • What are some way’s the father of the home provides rest, security, protection and provision? 
  • What ways has God, our heavenly father provided rest, security, protection and provision for his bride? 


Take some time to pray as a family thanking God for his kind and gracious hand at work authoring people’s love stories.  Thank God for the rest, security, protection and provision he has provided for us in Christ and pray that the marriages of our church would reflect Jesus’ care for his bride (consider praying for specific marriages in the church). 


For another day:

Sit down as a family and watch the Bible Project video on Ruth!  Discuss fresh observations and ways God was at work in the story of Ruth.



[Post by Tyson Ziegler]