Thursday Thoughts for Parents | "The End of the World"

This post is based on C.J. Mahaney's sermon, The End of the World, given on August 20, 2017.


When people think of the end coming, they tend to get a little scared – actually, they can get freaked out. But in this passage, Peter’s goal wasn’t to make us afraid. In fact, Peter was giving hope to people who were facing death every day by encouraging them to continue living in a way that would please Jesus Christ. It’s exciting to think that one day we will be in the presence of Jesus Christ forever! Because this is going to happen, Peter commands us to love and forgive one another based on our fellowship with Jesus Christ. That’s Peter’s heart for the people he wrote to, and it is the Holy Spirit’s goal for us to consider this week.

Read 1 Pet. 4:7-9

Parents, reflect on the questions below with your children.

  • When you think of Jesus coming back, do you get excited or scared?
  • Parents, ask your kids about what Jesus did for them so they don’t have to be afraid. Based on Hebrews 13:5, what promise is our confidence based on?
  • When you read/hear this passage, does it matter to Jesus how we treat our brothers and sisters? 
  • As families consider this question together, “What one way could you love your family differently this week that would make Jesus happy?


[post written by Tyson Ziegler]