Thursday Thoughts for Parents | "Postscript"

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This post is based on C.J. Mahaney's sermon, Postscript, given on October 15, 2017.


As Peter closes his first letter, he shifts to a divinely inspired “postscript” that presents both a personal recommendation and his final pastoral instruction. Here, Peter takes time to highlight the care he has received from two brothers who have served him well. Silvanus has willingly served in the background as one who has borne the responsibility of delivering with care the apostolic counsel to the churches. Mark, who had at one time abandoned Paul, is now the comeback kid for whom Peter gives praise. Both of these men served quietly but their influence ran deep. Peter reminds his readers one last time that the gospel exhortation they have received is the true grace from God producing a firm foundation they could count on throughout their sojourning and trials. By believing the truth about Jesus they get to experience peace, and they get to do so in rich relationship together.

Read 1 Pet. 5:12-14 as a family. 

  • Silvanus was praised by Peter for serving quietly in a supportive role. What does that mean? How does it bring Jesus glory to serve in this way?
  • Kids, how are you able to quietly serve your family?
  • What did Pastor CJ say serving others protected us from?
  • Pastor CJ suggested that gospel grace empowers us to stand in difficult times by preaching the gospel to ourselves every day. As a family rehearse the gospel as a means of encouraging one another, and connect that encouragement to whatever you are enduring right now.  
  • He also exhorted us to obey God’s commands as a means of grace to us (35 in this book alone…whoa!). Are there any commands in 1 Peter that God is calling you to obey right now as an act of trusting Him?
  • What are the means of experiencing gospel grace you have found helpful as a family (family worship time, prayer, singing, reading biographies together, etc.)?


[Post written by Tyson Ziegler]