Thursday Thoughts for Parents | "Mary's Song"

This post is based on C.J. Mahaney's sermon, Mary's Song, given on December 18, 2016.


It was a show-stopper. Right in the middle of the flurry of events in the Christmas narrative, Mary stops to sing. It’s a song of astonishment, praising God for the stunning things He has done for her. It’s a song reminding us not to let our familiarity with the story diminish our sense of wonder. It’s a song that beckons our hearts to sing along with Mary.

Read Luke 1:39-55.

Re-read verses 47-49. In this song, we are listening to an amazed woman sing. No one is more surprised at all that is happening than Mary. The song is the overflow of a heart that is bursting with wonder and thankfulness to God. Why is Mary so deeply moved? 

In verse 51, Mary sings of God’s great works for His people Israel throughout history. In doing so she is calling our minds back to great events like the Exodus, where God lead His people out of slavery in Egypt. Mary sings for joy because she realizes that with the birth of Jesus God is mightily as work again; a new exodus is underway!

  • Think back to the exodus in the time of Moses (the account is found in Exodus 3-14). Imagine that you are an Israelite standing on the shores of the Red Sea after passing through on dry land and seeing God destroy the Egyptian army. What would you be feeling? Why?
  • How is the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus like the OT Exodus?
  • What has God delivered you from?

Name some specific things you can do this week that will remind your heart to sing a song of wonder and amazement along with Mary in the midst of this busy season.


[post written by Rich Humphrey]