Thursday Thoughts for Parents | "A Humble Husband"

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This post is based on C.J. Mahaney's sermon, A Humble Husband, given on July 2, 2017.

This week CJ drew out two commands from this verse for the Christian husband, a verse that is “dense in content and comprehensive in application”. He encouraged us to live with our wives with a continual desire to know them and to understand them. Also, we were commanded to show them honor as fellow heirs of God’s grace. This concept did not exist in the Greco-Roman world apart from the gospel of Jesus Christ! Dads, this is also a great command to consider with your children because they too have been commanded to give honor to their moms. May they be able to follow our example as humble husbands who are living out the grace that comes to us through Jesus Christ.

 These are the goals of the humble husband: to understand and honor. This can only be lived out through our love for Jesus and His love for us. Living with our wives with understanding is a sweet expression of gospel hope that doesn’t happen apart from intentionality, and opens God’s ear to our prayers.

Read the verse a couple of times over, meditating on different aspects of the verse.

 CJ encouraged husbands to have a plan this week to grow in our understanding of our wives by making space for unhurried times of interaction with them. I cannot improve on CJ’s questions which he offered as encouragement for pursuing meaningful conversation. I have copied them here:

 What’s your plan for applying this command to your relationship this week? This month?

Husbands, ask your wife:

  • How can I grow in living with you in an understanding way?
  • How can I grow in showing you honor in the home? When we’re in public?

Wives, CJ’s encouragement to you was profound when he counseled you to offer 2 to 3 ways your husband can grow. A wise wife always offers her husband hope as he seeks to grow in looking like Christ.


[post written by Tyson Ziegler]