Thursday Thoughts for Parents | "A People for God's Possession"

This post is based on Jeff Purswell's sermon, A People for God's Possession, given on May14, 2017.


We live in a culture that increasingly, not just rejects, but despises what we believe. In these times the wisdom of God, given to us through Peter, also writing to a people living in a hostile world, is more needed than ever. Peter reminds us that standing strong in a godless culture requires that we have a firm understanding of who we are.

Read 1 Peter 2:1-4

In verse 1, Peter tells us that we have come to a living Stone.

  • Who is the living Stone?
  • Why is He called the living Stone?
  • In what ways does knowing that He was rejected by men, but approved by God help you stand strong in a hostile culture?

What does it mean that we are being built into a spiritual house (or temple)?

Since we are a royal priesthood, how can you best represent and proclaim the King this week?


[post written by Rich Humphrey]