Thursday Thoughts for Parents | "Praying the Word"

This post is based on Brian Chesemore's sermon, Praying the Word, given on January 29, 2017.

In these amazing verses Jesus is asked to teach His disciples how to pray. His response is not just a prayer that we should recite word for word, but a model, teaching us the fundamentals of prayer. Through Jesus words, we learn that we should pray prayers sound in their biblical doctrine, pray boldly to our loving heavenly Father, and pray with eager anticipation that He will bless us by giving us more of Himself.

Read Luke 11:1-13

In verse 2, Jesus starts His prayer with the word “Father.” This lone word sets the tone for our entire prayer life.

  • How does knowing God is our heavenly Father affect the way we pray?

In verse 3, Jesus encouraged us to ask that God would give us our daily bread. It is a reminder that we are to request even the most basic things we need, even the ones we can easily take for granted.

  • Why is it good for our souls to ask God even for our most basic needs?

In verse 4, Jesus models asking forgiveness of God for our sins. Then He reminds us that just as our sins are forgiven, we should forgive others.

  • Why do we need to ask forgiveness of God if all our sins were forgiven on the cross?
  • How does “looking toward the cross” help you forgive other people?

The two parables in verses 5 -13 remind us that God wants us to boldly ask for whatever it is we need.

  • Why should we have “shameless boldness” in prayer?
  • What things would you ask for if you were “shamelessly bold?”
  • How should v.13 guide our prayers? What does it mean to receive more of the Holy Spirit?

Pray through Psalm 63 together as a family.


[post written by Rich Humphrey]