Thursday Thoughts for Parents | "Leaders Who Commend the Gospel"

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This post is based on C.J. Mahaney's sermon, Leaders Who Commend the Gospel, given on January 14, 2017.


This past Sunday, Pastor CJ spoke of a special kind of leadership role in our church called an Overseer or Elder. He shared with us from God’s Word that Paul had entrusted Titus with a very important assignment in a place called Crete where the early Church was in serious need. Titus was to place carefully chosen men with integrity and Godly character over the believers in every town to bring order to what remained of the Church in those areas and protect, shelter, and serve the believers through the faithful living out and teaching of God’s Word. The Lord places Elders or Overseers over His church because we are treasures to Him.  

As a family, read Titus 1:5-9 


  • Pastor CJ shared that a leader’s example in the Church begins with character not gifting, and in verses 6-8, we read about the qualifications of an Elder. In these verses what does it say about an Elder’s family? 

  • What five vices is the life of the Elder not to be marked by?

  • What six virtues is the life of the Elder to be displayed and lived out? 

  • How might we, as a family, honor and show how gratitude and thankfulness to our Elders, or Pastors, for the way that they humbly serve our church by leading us to love God’s Word and live for Him? 

Pray: Thank the Lord for giving us faithful Pastors who gently lead their families in godliness for us to follow. 


[Post written by Carl Hirst]