Thursday Thoughts for Parents: "Thriving In Trouble"

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This post is based on Jared Torrence's sermon, Thriving In Trouble, given on October 29, 2017.

It is officially November which means that there are a lot of sweet treats right around the corner!  Thanksgiving comes with family gatherings, turkey, football, and pie (my favorite!) and then soon after is Christmas with lights and ornaments, singing and presents!  I think that my own excitement about all of those things just makes them even better when they actually get here.  How boring would Christmas be if no one ever talked about it or thought about it before it actually got here???

Psalm 63 is about how David longed for something much better than even pie or presents - it's about longing for and thinking about God!  Even though everything in David's world was far from perfect he made it a priority to think about and praise God - no matter what came his way.  The reason we think about God and get more excited about God than we do Thanksgiving or Christmas is because God is the only one who has been and always will be satisfying, sustaining, and faithful.  So let's find happiness in thinking about our God this week!

Read together Psalm 63.

  • In verses 1-4 name the different actions David takes. (Hint: David seeks God in verse 1...)
  • Why does David think about God during the night?  When are you thinking about God and what thoughts come to mind?
  • How can this Psalm help us when bad things are happening around us?


[Post written by Chad Hester]