The Mission Nearby

A few weeks ago, Jeff wrote about our enthusiastic commitment to gospel-mission (Keeping our Minds on the Mission Beyond). A love for Christ’s glory compels us to open our eyes and hearts to share the good news about our Savior. Opportunities abound across borders and overseas. And they also abound “across the street.” As a local church we have the joyful opportunity to pray for both - and to engage in both. As we think about playing our part to reach Louisville, let’s pray that our church would be marked by a loving concern for Christ’s glory and the lost. And let’s take faith-filled steps.

Summer is upon us—(I can see it on my kids necks!). With the warmth comes opportunity to demonstrate and articulate the difference the gospel makes. Here are a few to consider:

Consider your neighbors. Jason and Sharon spent a recent weekend cooking out with their international neighbors. Though language and cultural barriers were real, these were trumped by this couple’s compassion and concern. Another sister spent memorial day befriending a lady who is experiencing significant marital challenges. One of my neighbors is going through chemotherapy. Opportunities exist to show the love of Christ. Let’s pray and take steps.

Consider your hobbies: Some of you are getting to know others through golf (or its strange cousin, Frisbee golf), your violin quartet, walking your beagles, attending your child’s sporting event, or some other area of interest. Our goal is not just to befriend those who are like us. But common interests can produce unique opportunities to share about “the Giver of every good gift.”

Consider your co-workers: Maybe you freelance, drive a delivery truck, work amongst cubicles, or assist in a doctor’s office. Whatever vocation God has given you, you will likely spend hours this week interacting with those who do not understand gospel hope and forgiveness. Let’s model excellence and integrity. Let’s show kindness and concern. And let’s pray that God would put you in relationships and situations where you can share about your greatest treasure: knowing the love of God in Christ.

Consider your children: Let’s not neglect the harvest field of our families. How can you utilize these fleeting summer months to build relationally with your children, to enjoy them as God’s amazing gift to you, and to disciple them in the Word of God?

Thanks for being a church who loves the Savior and shares his compassion for the lost—those abroad and nearby.