The Gospel in Mexico & Latin America | SG Mission Video

At Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville, we are grateful that we are neither an independent church nor an isolated church. We’re part of a family—the family of Sovereign Grace Churches. Being in a family like this brings not only strength and protection, but also joy. In order to share that joy, Sovereign Grace produces videos—home movies, if you will—that highlight different parts of our family in other parts of this nation and other parts of the world.

Nowhere is our international partnership more significant than in Mexico and Latin America. It’s a partnership that dates back over 3 decades with the church in Juarez, Mexico—Gracia Soberana—that’s led by Carlos Contreras. It is a distinct privilege to labor with Carlos and the dear folks at Gracia Soberana. We have observed this church’s faithfulness for many years, including its steadfast perseverance through the years when Juarez was the most dangerous city on earth.

Now this has become a church that many churches throughout Mexico are looking to, and in God’s providence it is positioned to serve those churches and to serve the cause of the gospel throughout Mexico and beyond. It has planted 2 other churches—a Spanish speaking church in El Paso, TX, and another church in Aguascalientes. There are 5-6 churches in Mexico that are in the process of pursing adoption into our family and, beyond those churches, Sovereign Grace is partnering with a number of other churches in Latin America.

Something extraordinary is happening in Latin America. The gospel is spreading there, sound doctrine is proliferating there, and the doctrines of grace are taking root there.

Our dear friend, Miguel Nunez from the Dominican Republic, has observed that, while the Reformation of the 16th & 17th centuries swept across and transformed Europe, it largely bypassed Latin America. But there are now signs that a similar reformation is occurring throughout the Latin world. Through our partnerships in this region, we have the great privilege of observing this first hand, and we desire to do all we can to serve these pastors and the churches involved.

This past summer, the Sovereign Grace churches in Mexico/El Paso hosted a pastors conference in Juarez, Fieles a su Llamado (“Faithful to His Call”), which was attended by hundreds of people from Mexico and Latin America. It was a wonderfully vivid picture of what the Lord is doing in this region, as well as a vivid illustration of the fruit of our partnership with other churches. We wanted you to see this “home movie,” both to encourage you and to connect the dots between what we’re doing here in Louisville and what our brothers and sisters are doing in nations beyond us.

We want to make clear to you something of which you may be unaware: what you are doing here is contributing to what is happening there. The example you set here influences churches in many other places. Your giving to our larger mission influences gospel work in locales far beyond Louisville. Your multifaceted support of the Pastors College in Louisville has an impact on people and churches you will never meet (indeed, 2 of the pastors in the Juarez church itself have attended the Pastors College, and Roberto & Gaby Estupinian are with us this year from Juarez). So please know that, when your pastors watch this video, we are indeed thrilled about what God is doing in other countries—but that makes us even more grateful for you and what’s happening in Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville. We hope you’ll be encouraged as you watch this video.

2015 Missions Video #4: Mexico & Latin America from Sovereign Grace Churches on Vimeo.