T4G | Let's Remember to Pray

This week around 10,000 pastors and church leaders from around the world will gather in Louisville to celebrate the gospel and worship our Savior. Jason Briggs, one of our faithful community group leaders here at SGC Louisville, put together the following list of prayers that we can lift up on behalf of those attending, serving, and preaching at the event. 


1. For Paul and Jo and an army of brothers and sisters serving at Together for the Gospel

2. For all those attending: that God's church would be unified, built up, and added to this week

3. For all those observing: Louisville gets to see first hand the difference the gospel makes - pray that God would use this conference as a catalyst for evangelism and mission in our city and beyond

4. For those not attending: those that wanted to but couldn't, those watching online, the congregations that sent their pastors...

5. For those leading: please pray for CJ and all those preaching the word. Pray for faithful and powerful proclamation. Pray as well for Bob as he leads 10,000 voices in song to our Savior.

Lets open our bibles and pray God's word for God's people!