Sermon Quotes: "Preparing to Meet a Holy God"

“The magnitude of what the Lord offers the Israelites is staggering and must not be overlooked. As fleeing slaves, they find themselves in the middle of the Sinai desert without a land to call their own. The Lord, however, promises them they shall be his ‘treasured possession.” His exclusive possession among all the nations, a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” T. Desmond Alexander

“Frequently in the Bible clothes are used as symbols of the nature and intentions of the wearer.” Alec Motyer

“We find these things difficult to stomach because we do not understand four vitally important biblical concepts: holiness, justice, sin, and grace. We do not understand what it means to be holy. We do not understand what justice is. We do not understand what sin is. We do not understand what grace is.” R.C. Sproul