Sermon Quotes: "A Prophet for a Prolonged Pandemic"

3.22.20 featured

“The Bible never says, ‘God is wrath.’ We must provoke him to wrath. But we need not provoke him to love, for that is his glorious name.” Ray Ortlund  Jr.

“God is at work in the worst of times. He is at work doing a thousand things no one can see but him.” John Piper

“The most beautiful spirit of submission found anywhere in Scripture.” O. Palmer Robertson

“Habakkuk resolves that, however great the privation he must suffer along with the covenant community, he will delight the more in God. It is almost as if the threatened loss of all material blessings and security drives him to enjoyment of God: there is nothing and no one else to rely on, and therefore nothing to mask the enjoyment of God that ought to be the believer’s focus. Firm resolve this may be; grim resolution it is not. It is the resolution of one who eyes have been opened to see where his delight should have been in the first place.” Don Carson

“If God is treated as God during suffering, then suffering can reveal and present him in all his greatness.” Tim Keller