Sermon Quotes: "A Song for a Special Occasion"

“The book of Psalms was the hymnal of ancient Israel, in which the people of Yahweh turned to him in every kind of experience. Because the psalms grow out of the full range of life, from the most tragic to the most delightful situations, for nearly three thousand years they have taught believers how to approach God no matter what they may be facing. God’s people will never have an experience in which they cannot meet themselves and God in the psalms.” Daniel Estes

“Singing this psalm helps Israel to keep their calling in view: their blessing is not simply for themselves but for the Gentiles too (Gen. 12:2-3). Each Israelite is a player in a grand story that stretches far beyond the boundaries of his own life, or even his own land.” John Collins

“The psalmist is stirred by hopes that have no material or self-regarding element…Here nothing matters but man’s need of God himself…Let God (the psalm encourages us to pray), who brings much out of little and distributes it in love, bring such blessing on us as to make us, in our turn, the blessing of the world!” Derek Kidner

“To see a man humbled by his prosperity, this is rare indeed.” Jeremiah Burroughs

“It is of course true that he blesses us for our own enrichment, because he loves us, and delights to share himself with us. But there is another side to ‘blessing’: it comes to us for the sake of somebody else. Blessing puts us under responsibility-whether it is to respond to God’s blessing that others see the difference in our lives, or that there is someone waiting to be told of this generous God. Blessing is granted in order that the world may know his salvation.” Alec Motyer

“Since Pentecost Israel’s ancient prayer is being fulfilled more magnificently than they could ever have imagined.” Willem VanGemeren

“I love to find Jesus everywhere-not by twisting the Psalms and other Scriptures to make them speak of Christ when they do nothing of the kind, but by seeing him where he truly is.” Charles Spurgeon

“For the ancient Israelites, it is the face that reveals a person. The human face is amazingly expressive. You know who someone is when you look into their face. To see God’s face would be to see who God is, to penetrate the mystery of the God who characteristically hides himself in a cloud. But in God’s case his face is glorious; it radiates the dazzling brightness of his divine being. As the Hebrew Bible tells us a number of times, humans cannot see God and remain alive. The experience would be too overwhelming, at least in this life. God’s face shines on us (Num. 6:25), but we may not look into it.” Richard Baucham

“The age-long benediction of Numbers 6 reaches its fullest application in the new world…The face which the saints behold will shine upon them in eternal benediction.” Greg Beale