Sunday Sermon Quotes: "Why He Came"

“At no point does the way of Jesus diverge more sharply from the way of the world than on the question of greatness” James Edwards

“The reversal of all human ideas of greatness and rank was achieved when Jesus came, not to be served, but to serve.” William Lane

“The ransom was a familiar image in the Jewish, Roman and Greek cultures. It was the price paid to liberate a slave, a prisoner of war, or a condemned person.” Donald English

“The emphasis of this image of ransom is on our sorry state-indeed our captivity in sin which made an act of divine rescue necessary.” John Stott

“Jesus is supremely conscious of offering a payment to God that can be offered by no one else.” James Edwards

‘The Son of Man takes the place of the many and there happens to him what should have happened to them.” William Lane