Sunday Sermon Quotes: Why Did He Do It Again

"It would have been presumptuous for the disciples to have assumed that Jesus would, as a matter of course, multiply a few loaves as he had done on an earlier occasion." William Lane

"They had the special happiness of handing out the bread to the vast host, who gratefully received the boon. The twelve were very popular men that day, I warrant you: and they were looked upon with great envy by all who surrounded them. Was it not a high privilege to distribute food amongst so many hungry men, women, and children. They must have been flushed with excitement and filled with delight. I know I should have been. To go among a crowd of eager, hungry people, and to feed them to the full, is a work an angel might covet…It is wonderful who God works by our hands, and yet his own hand does it all." Charles Spurgeon

"Jesus called his disciples unto him and said-Stop for a moment. Prepare your ears for music. He said, 'I have compassion on the multitude.' Oh the sweetness of that word! If Jesus spoke thus to his people while here, he equally says it now that he is exalted on high; for he has carried his tender human heart up to heaven with him and out of the excellent glory we may hear him still saying, in answer to his people's prayers, 'I have compassion on the multitude.' There is our hope: that the heart through which the spear was thrust, and out of which there came blood and water, is the fountain of hope to our race. 'I have compassion on the multitude." Charles Spurgeon

"Get to work each one of you with your bread-breaking, for this is Christ's way of feeding with the multitude. Let each one who has himself eaten divide his morsel with another. Today fill someone's ear with the good news of Jesus and his love. Endeavor this day, each one of you to communicate to one man, woman, or child, somewhat of the spiritual meat whih has made your soul glad. This is my Master's way, will you not drop into it? You cannot propose a better; none can contrive a method more likely to be successful, more honorable to your Lord and more beneficial to yourself." Charles Spurgeon