Sunday Sermon Quotes: What Attracts Jesus' Attention

“The test of liberality is not what is given, but what is left.” James Brooks

“The scribes are ostentatious and the crowds are rich and extravagant; but by contrast this ‘one poor widow’ contributes two of the smallest coins in circulation. In purely financial terms, the value of her offering is negligible-and unworthy compared to the sums of wealthy donors. But in the divine exchange rate things look differently. That which made no difference in the books of the temple is immortalized in the Book of Life. How powerfully ironic is the word ‘more’ in Mark’s description! Everything about this woman has been described in terms of less, particularly in comparison to the scribes and wealthy crowd. And yet, the contrast between her genuine piety and faith and the pretense of the wealthy is beyond compare. For Jesus the value of a gift is not the amount given, but the cost to the giver.” James Edwards

“The implication is that God welcomes giving that comes out of deep sacrifice, not gifts that are simply the leftovers of abidance.” Darrell Bock

“No gift, whether money, time, or talent, is too insignificant to give, if it is given to God. And what is truly given to God, regardless of how small and insignificant, is transformed into a pearl of great price.” James Edwards

“There are few of our Lord’s sayings so much overlooked as this. There are thousands who remember all his doctrinal discourses, and yet contrive to forget this little incident in his earthly ministry. The vast majority spend pounds on themselves, and give not even pence to Christ…let each do our own duty, and give liberally and gladly while we can. There will be no giving when we are dead. Let us give as those who remember that the eyes of Christ are upon us.” J.C. Ryle