Sunday Sermon Quotes: "The Transfiguration"

“We go to the Bible to be astonished, to be amazed at God and Christ and the cross and grace and the gospel.” John Piper

“It would not, evidently, have occurred to Peter not to say anything.” Donald English

“The desire to erect new tents of meeting where God can again communicate with men implies that Peter regards the time of the second exodus fulfilled and the goal of the Sabbath rest achieved. But before the the rest is achieved the suffering and death of the Messiah must take place. Peter again stumbles at the necessity of a suffering Messiah. He is anxious to find the fulfillment of the promised glory now, prior to the suffering Jesus has announced as necessary. His comment reflects a failure to appreciate the transfiguration was only a momentary anticipation of the glory of the consummated kingdom.” William Lane

“The reality of his exaltation as the transfigured Son, can be appreciated only when the significance of His sufferings has been grasped.” William Lane

“The attitude of the heavenly visitors differs completely from that of the disciples. The cross is all Moses and Elijah want to talk about. The cross was what all heaven was talking about. Even the angels were fascinated (1 Peter 1:12).” Donald Macleod

“Rather than escaping with his heavenly visitants to glory, Jesus remains to complete his journey to Jerusalem.” James Edwards