Sunday Sermon Quotes: "The Rich Man and Discipleship"

Jesus had been speaking about receiving the kingdom of God as a little child. While his words were clearly embedded in his disciples memories an incident occurred which vividly illustrated what he had taught them.” Sinclair Ferguson

“No one who heard Jesus teach in Galilee asked a question of such magnitude, nor indeed have Jesus own disciples. At last Jesus is asked the essential question, capable of divulging the meaning of his ministry.” James Edwards

“Something was missing-one thing which amounted to everything. His life was still centered on himself rather than on the kingdom of God. One sentence was enough to teach this young man the truth about himself that had been hidden all these years. He had outwardly kept the commandments, but there was a god in his life which he prized more than the knowledge of the true God: ‘he had great wealth.’ Sadly, with his heart deception now unveiled, he turned round an went back to the idol worship from which he almost escaped. Only, now he knew the truth about himself.” Sinclair Ferguson

“The camel was the largest animal found on Palestinian soil. The violent contrast between the largest animal and the smallest opening expresses what humanly speaking, is impossible or absurd.” William Lane

“To take on yourself to work out redemption, is a greater thing then if you had taken it upon you to create a world…What self righteous persons take to themselves, is the same work that Christ was engaged in when He was in His agony and bloody sweat, and when He died on the cross, which was the greatest thing ever the eyes of angels beheld. Christ could accomplish other parts of this work without cost; but this part cost Him His life, as well as innumerable pains and labors. Yet this is the part which self righteous persons go about to accomplish for themselves.” Jonathan Edwards

“The last word is not gloomy. There is the optimism of grace. God can do what humans cannot.” Donald English

“Divine love triumphed over divine wrath by divine self-sacrifice.” John Stott

“God takes nothing away from a man without restoring it to him in a new and glorious form.’’ William Lane