Sunday Sermon Quotes: The Question of the Day

“The scholars and scribes may have been finished with all their questions for Jesus, but Jesus still had one last question for them. It was really more like a riddle, and its answer unlocks the mystery at the heart of the universe.” Phil Ryken

“After a day of questions comes the question of the day.” Ralph Martin

“Jesus is now quietly leading them to the point of confessing that he is God.” John Chrysostom

“When Jesus posed his question within the temple precincts he stood before his suffering and death. He knew himself to be in a situation of conflict for the salvation of the people of God. The battle would not be fought against Rome or any other earthly power and it had no national-political goals. Victory demanded configuration with the suffering servant in obedience to God, fully trusting in the vindication promised in Psalm 110:1. God’s promise to David is fulfilled by the cross which, for Jesus, is the prelude to the resurrection.” William Lane

“The centurion had doubtlessly seen other men die by crucifixion. But something in this crucifixion-becomes revelatory. The suffering of Jesus on the cross, which utterly contradicts Jewish messianic ideals, becomes, by an act of God, the window into the heart and meaning of Jesus, the significance of which is only captured in the confession, ‘the Son of God.’” James Edwards