Sunday Sermon Quotes: The Lord's Supper

“The Lord’s Supper, which was instituted by Jesus, and which is the only regular commemorative act authorized by him, dramatizes neither his birth nor his life, neither his words nor his works, but only his death. Nothing could indicate more clearly the central significance which Jesus attached to his death. It was by his death that he wished above all else to be remembered.” John Stott

“Jesus was likely looking forward to this meal so intensely because he knew that his upcoming death as the true Passover Lamb would bring a fulfillment to the long centuries of Passover celebrations that had pointed forward to the Messiah’s final sacrifice for the sins of his people. The true meaning of the Passover sacrifice would soon be revealed and realized. Jesus knows that he will not engage in this kind of celebration with food and wine again until the final messianic banquet when God’s people will experience eternal resurrection life in God’s new creation.” Andreas Kostenberger

“Jesus himself explains the significance of the bread and the wine. The broken bread represents his body, which was about to be broken by blows, scourging and crucifixion. The wine represents his blood, which is about to be poured out in order to inaugurate the new covenant and to bring forgiveness of sins to many. Just as the old covenant was established by God with his people Israel at Sinai was inaugurated by blood sacrifices (Ex. 24:8), the new covenant, which would bring forgiveness of sins to all peoples, both Jews and Gentiles, was inaugurated by blood on a Roman cross. The language used by Jesus concerning his body being ‘given for you’ and his blood being ‘poured out for many’ points to the sacrificial nature of his death.” Andreas Kostenberger

“This latter phrase, ‘on behalf of many’ means that his death will be a ‘place taking’ death…it is an exclusive place-taking, in that the Son of Man will stand alone in his death, and the death of the one will benefit the many.” Peter Bolt

“The original Last Supper is attended by traitors (v18) and cowards (v50); it is a table not of merit but of grace.” James Edwards

“The godly ought to by all means keep this rule: whenever they see the symbols to think and be persuaded that the truth is surely present there. For why should the Lord put in your hand the symbol of His blood, except to assure you of a true participation in it?” John Calvin

“Jesus words at the Last Supper make plain there must be a taking as well as a giving, and a drinking as well as a pouring out: ‘Take and eat…Drink from it, all of you.’ His body and blood avail nothing except through faith. But such faith also implies total satisfaction with the divine covenant. There is nothing in God’s plan of salvation that we would want out, and there is nothing out that we want in. We can be saved only on God’s terms; and faith is delighted with the terms.” Donal Macleod