Sunday Sermon Quotes: The Empty Tomb and the Risen Christ

“How interesting that God didn’t select the Sabbath (Israel’s holy day) as the resurrection day. Instead he chose the next day to be the new holy day. He chose Sunday to be the day we worship his Son (the Lord’s day). Perhaps he chose a new day because a new era was breaking into world history; a permanent cavity was torn in the cosmos to create an eternal eighth day of rest and rejoicing for all who rest and rejoice in Christ.” Douglas O’ Donnell

“He who had been condemned for us in his death, was publicly vindicated in his resurrection. The resurrection is God’s decisive demonstration that he had not died in vain.” John Stott

“The resurrection of Christ is the most joyful event that ever came to pass.” Jonathan Edwards

‘There is something deeply touching in those simple words, ‘my brothers’, they deserve a thousand thoughts. Weak, frail, erring as the disciples were, Jesus still calls them brothers. Much as they had come short of their profession, sadly as they yielded to the fear of man, they are still his brothers. Glorious as he was in himself-a conqueror over death, and hell, and the grave, the Son of God is still meek and lowly of heart. He calls his disciples brothers. Let us turn from the passage with comfortable thoughts, if we know anything of true religion. Let us see in the words of Christ, an encouragement to trust and not be afraid. Our Savior is the one who never forgets his people, he pities their infirmities: he does not despise them. He knows their weaknesses, and yet does not cast them away. Our great High Priest is also our elder brother.” J.C. Ryle