Sunday Sermon Quotes: "Planned for Prime Time"

“This is one of the most difficult stories in the Gospels. Many modern commentators would just as soon it were not here at all.” Walter Wessel

“The most puzzling part of the brief narrative of the cursing of the fig tree is the end of 11:13, ‘because it was not the season of the figs.’ This phrase is usually understood to exonerate the tree for not producing fruit since it was not yet the season. But this is neither the only nor the best way to understand the phrase. It is better simply to distinguish between mature figs and early or unripe figs.” James Edwards

“What happens the next morning will not be a spontaneous act of outrage but a planned demonstration. Planned for prime time and maximum exposure, it was a ‘demonstration’ calculated to interrupt business as usual and bring the nearness of God’s reign abruptly, forcefully, to the attention of all.” R.T. France

“There are few more awe-inspiring passages in Scripture than this one.” Sinclair Ferguson

“The Messiah was popularly expected to purge Jerusalem and the temple of Gentiles, aliens and foreigners. Jesus action is clearly the reverse. He does not clear the Temple of Gentiles but instead for the Gentiles. Jesus reveals that he is a very different kind of Messiah than the one epitomized in Jewish expectation. The temple and covenant are not reserved exclusively for Israel but include all nations. The temple is not the sole property of Israel but a witness to the nations.” James Edwards

“From the human point of view it was the cleansing of the Temple which more than any other act precipitated Jesus death.” Edmond Hiebert

“In actuality he honored that tree, making it the most useful tree that ever grew! It was, and is, a tree from which thousands have learned something about themselves and turned back to God. If one soul has been made to consider its life through that tree it did not wither in vain” Kent Hughes