Sunday Sermon Quotes: "Mistaken Zeal"

“It is not a little presumptuous at this stage of discipleship for John to think himself and the other disciples worthy of being followed. This is yet another echo of their inflated self-importance.” James Edwards

“This passage clearly shows how powerfully the word and work of Jesus had awakened in individuals even beyond the circle of His constant followers.” Edmond Hiebert

“The reference to the person who gives a drink of water to a disciple on the ground that he belongs to Jesus concretely illustrates the principle of verse 40 and indicates how wide is the range of participation in the mission which Jesus envisions.” William Lane

“The reference to ‘his reward’ carries no thought of merit. It serves rather to stress God’s awareness of all who share in the extension of the Jesus work and to emphasize that there are no distinctions between trivial and important tasks.” William Lane