Sunday Sermon Quotes: How Should We Then Live?

"[Schaeffer’s] purpose was to show how ideas, as they have been embraced or discarded, have shaped the rise and decline of Western culture.” Richard Phillips

“What [people] are in their thought world determines how they act….The results of their thought world flow through their fingers or from their tongues in the external world. This is true of Michelangelo’s chisel, and it is true of a dictator’s sword.” Francis Schaeffer

“This is exactly how the NT presents matters. The reason so much of the Bible is devoted to doctrine—statements regarding what we must know and believe—is that the consequences of these truths are utterly definitive. … We are living in a time that says it matters not so much what we believe as how we believe it, that is, with sincerity and tolerance for other views that are diametrically opposed.” Richard Phillips

"[Hebrews 5.1-10.18 is] the great central exposition of the high priesthood of Christ.” Peter O’Brien

“Prayer turns theology into experience. Through it we sense his presence and receive his joy, his love, his peace and confidence, and thereby we are changed in attitude, behavior, & character.” 
Tim Keller

“Preaching the gospel to myself every day reminds me of God’s astounding love for me and also of His infinite worthiness to be loved by me above all else. These reminders deliver a one-two punch to my innate self-absorption and leave me increasingly absorbed with Christ.” Milton Vincent

“Indifferentism about doctrine makes no heroes of the faith.” J. Greshem Machen