Sunday Sermon Quotes: "Greatness Redefined"

“At no point does the way of Jesus diverge more sharply from the way of the world than the question of greatness.” -James Edwards

“There was a divine necessity for what was about to occur, and God himself would deliver his Son into human hands.” -Robert Stein

“If we did not know our own hearts we find it difficult to believe this really happened. But any disciple who knows himself hears the echoes in his own life of such unfaithfulness.” -Sinclair Ferguson

"They have imbibed the wine of rank, placement and self importance.” -James Edwards

“The action passes into the region of the invisible. It terminates not with Christ but also involves the reception of the Heavenly Father.” -Edmond Hiebert

“What sets him apart is his cross: not only a cross, but his cross; a road no-one had traveled before and no-one has travelled since.” -Donald Macleod