Sunday Sermon Quotes: "God and Caesar"

“It may be the most famous of all Jesus pronouncement stories.” Robert Stein

“The statement by our Lord was not only astounding the instant it was uttered, but is even today universally acclaimed to be the single most influential political statement ever made in the history of the world.” Kent Hughes

“The answer Jesus gave is the most important and influential statement that anyone has ever made on the subject of religion and politics.” Phil Ryken

“The messianic community he determines to build must render to whatever Caesar is in power whatever belongs to that Caesar, while never turning from its obligations to God.” D. A. Carson

“This is one of the most important things Jesus said about anything.” Phil Ryken

“By distinguishing so sharply between Caesar and God he tacitly protested against the idolatrous claims of Caesar advanced on the coins.” William Lane

“Jesus says I see another coin bearing a different image-I see men, the image of God stamped on your lives. So, I conclude, you must give to God what belongs to Him-the whole of your lives.” Sinclair Ferguson

“It’s not our good works that secure our rescue but only the works of Christ. It’s His merit, not ours. We don’t merit anything. He grants us merit by grace, and we receive it only by faith. Grace should never cease to amaze us. When we truly understand grace-when we see that God only owes us wrath but has provided Christ’s merit to cover our demerit-then everything changes. The Christian motivation for ethics is not merely to obey some abstract law or a list of rules; rather our response is provoked by gratitude. Jesus understood that when He said, ‘If you love me, keep my commandments.’ If I may have the liberty to paraphrase, ‘Keep my commandments not because you want to be just, but because you love me.’ A true understanding of grace-of God’s unmerited favor-always provokes a life of gratitude.” R.C. Sproul